Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kim Hyung-jun

KIM Hyung Jun

Professor, Department of Cultural Anthropology, Kangwon National University


Ph.D. in Anthropology, Australia National University, Australia

B.A in Anthropology, Seoul National University, Korea

Academic and Professional Positions

Director of International Cooperation, Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (2005-2007)

Editing Committee, Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies (2005-Present)

Selected Publications

"Formation and Consumption of Korea’s Images through Popular Culture: Case Study of Indonesian Netizen" (2008, in Korean)

"Practices and Religious Authority: The Case of Dahlan, the Founder of Muhammadiya in Indonesia” (2008 , in Korean)

"Political Jihad: Muhammadiya's Participation in the Presidential Elections in Indonesia" (2007, in Korean)

Reformist Muslims in the Village in Yogyakarta: The Islamic Transformation of Contemporary Socio-Religious Life (Canberra: ANU Press) (2007)

Current Research Interests

Muhammadiya's Religious Authority and Organization Culture in Indonesia

Indonesian Regional Studies, Islam, Religious Anthropology

E-mail: sumber@hanmail.net

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