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Howard M. Federspiel

Howard M. Federspiel
Curricula Vita
(January 2007)
Ohio State University at Newark
1179 University Drive
Newark, Ohio (USA) 43055-1797 Tel. 614/366-9297
Box 769
Fax. 614/366-5047
Newark, Ohio 43058-0769
Tel. 614/366-5337

I. Current Professional Position.

The Ohio State University at Newark. Professor of Political Science, 1979 to present; Associate Dean, 1979- 1984; Acting Dean and Director, 1979-1980.

II. Past Professional Positions. (Full Record)

1. McGill University (Montreal, Canada). Visiting Professor of Islamic Studies, 1997-1998, 1991-1992; Director of the Canada-Indonesian Islamic Higher Education Project (a technical assistance project), 1995-1996. (See description under VI. below)
2. Mid-West Universities Consortium for International Activities. Associate Director (senior American administrator) of the Joint Management Office, Second Indonesian University Development Project (a technical assistance project), Jakarta, Indonesia, 1987-1988. (See description under VI. below)
3. Mid-West Universities Consortium for International Activities. Team Leader for an educational technical assistance project at the University of North Sumatra, Medan, Indonesia, 1984-1986. (See description under VI. below)
4. Winthrop College, 1970-1979. Professor of Political Science and Department Chairman, 1974-1979; Director of International Studies, 1976-1979.
5. Lenoir Rhyne College, 1968-1970. Assistant Professor of Political Science and History.
6. Advanced Studies Group, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 1968. Fellow Scientist in international studies.
7. Research Analysis Corporation, 1966-68. Member of the Technical Staff in international studies.
8. Office of East Asian Affairs, U. S. Department of State, 1962-1966. International affairs specialist.
9. U.S. Army. 1955-1958. German language specialist and intelligence analyst

III. Education.(Full Record)

A. Degree Programs
1. McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Islamic Studies, MA 1961, Ph.D. 1966.
2. Capital University, Columbus, Ohio, Political Science, BA, 1954.

IV. Recognition, Awards, Fellowships, Honors (Past ten years)

1. Visiting Professorship, Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, 1996-2000
2. Excellence in Scholarship Award, Ohio State University at Newark, 2001
3. Service Award for International Activities, Ohio State University at Newark, 2002.

V. Publication Record (Past ten years)

A. Books and Major Studies
1. Sultans, Shamans and Scholars; Muslims and Islam in Southeast Asia. Honolulu, University of Hawai’i Press, 2006 forthcoming February 2007.
2. Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals of the Twentieth Century. Singapore, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2006, 96 pp.
3. Labiran Ideologi Muslim: Pencarian dan Pergulatan Persis di Era Kemunculan Negara Indonesia (1923-1957). (The Caldron of Muslim Ideology: The Founding and Struggle of the Persatuan Islam in the Era of Indonesian National Development 1923 to 1957). Jakarta, Serambi, 2004, 479pp. (Indonesian version of Islam and Ideology in the Emerging Indonesian State: The Persatuan Islam (Persis) 1923 to 1957. Leiden, Brill Academic Press, 2001
4. Islam and Ideology in the Emerging Indonesian State: The Persatuan Islam (Persis) 1923 to 1957. Leiden, Brill Academic Press, 2001, 365pp.
5. (Chief Editor). Anthology of Islamic Studies. Montreal, Canada Indonesia Islamic Higher Education Project, 1997, 401pp.

B. Articles in Books and Scholarly Publications (Past ten years)
1. “Islamic Values, Law and Expectations in Contemporary Indonesia,” in Islamic Law and Society, 5:1, 1998, pp. 89-117. Also in Shari’a & Politics in Modern Indonesia, edited by Arskal Salim and Asyumardi Azra. Singapore, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2002, 70-89.
2. “Modernist Islam in Southeast Asia: A New Examination,” Muslim World (Fall 2002) 92, 3& 4, 371-386.
3. “Hadith Literature in Twentieth Century Indonesia,” Oriente Moderno (2001) 21 N.S.,
115-124 (in a special edition titled “Hadith in Modern Islam,” edited by Roberto Tottoli).
4. “Indonesia, Islam, and U.S. Foreign Policy,” The Brown Journal of World Affairs (Spring 2002), 9, 1, 107-114.
5. “Contemporary South-East Asian Muslim Intellectuals: An Examination of the Sources for Their Concepts and Intellectual Constructs,” in Islam in the Era of Globalization: Muslim
Attitudes towards Modernity and Identity [edited by Johan Meuleman]. London, Curzon, 2002, 327-350.
6. “Fundamentalist Islam in Late Colonial Indonesia; The Persatuan Islam Revisited,”Al-Jami’ah: Journal of the Islamic Studies, (January 2000), 42-59.
7. “Muslim Intellectuals in Southeast Asia,” Studia Islamika 6, 1 (1999), 43-76.
8. “Islam and National Identity in Indonesia,” in Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Asia Program Special Report. Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Indonesia: A Crisis of Nationhood? Washington, D.C. (July 1999)
9. “Islamic Fundamentalism in Late-Colonial Indoensia: The Persatuan Islam Revisited,” Virtual files of the Indonesian Intellectual Society (ICMI), Montreal and Ottawa Chapter, June 1999, 12 pp. 73-85.
10. “Islam and Muslims in the Southern Territories of the Philippine Islands during the American Colonial Period (1898 to 1946), Journal of Southeast Asian Affairs, 29, 2 (September 1998), 340-356.
C. Papers Delivered at Academic Conferences and Seminars (Past ten years)
1. “Indonesian and Malayan Responses to Islamic Law,” presented to a special conference on “The Politics of the Shari’ah in Contemporary Malaysian and Indonesian Islam, at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, June 12, 2003.
2. “Modernist Islam in Southeast Asia (1900-1950),” presented on a panel on Modernist Islam throughout the Islamic World at the Middle East Society of America (MESA) in Washington, D.C. in November 1999.
3. “Islam and National Identity in Indoneisa,” presented at an invited seminar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C. in July 1999.
4. “Islamic Fundamentalism in Late-Colonial Indonesia: The Persatuan Islam Revisited,” presented at the American Council for Study of Islamic Societies meeting in Villanova, Pennsylvania in May 1999 and Indonesian Intellectual Society of Montreal and Ottawa international meeting in June 1999 in slightly different form.
5. “Scholarship in Two Eras: Views of Southeast Asian Islam in the 1970's and 1990's” at the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, November 1997 in a speaker’s series on Southeast Asian Islam sponsored by the Indonesia-Canada Islamic Higher Education Project.
6. “Islamic Values, Law and Expectations in Contemporary Indonesia” at the Southeast Regional Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies, at Savannah, Georgia, January 1997.
VI. Technical Assistance Work (Past 10 years)
1. Consultation on Southeast Asian Islam for the Strategic Assessments Group, a Washington-based R&D firm, working on a Defense Department contract. One day consultation. March 2004

VII. Professional Service Activities. (Past ten years)

A. Workshops and Seminars
1. Seminar on Islam in the Contemporary World. Ohio University, with sponsorship of the Ohio Endowment for the Humanities, June 23-27, 2003. Director of the academic program, opening lecturer and general discussant for the entire program. Seminar membership consisted of 25 secondary school teachers from throughout Ohio. Year-long planning effort and follow-on activities.
A. Lectures and Lecture Series.
1. Lecture on long-term trends in Southeast Asian Islam. Presented to the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Ohio University, September 15, 2006.
2. Lectures on Islam, terrorism and U.S. reaction to terrorism. Several lengthy lectures to general academic audiences and two short lectures given to civic associations 2001-2004.
3. Two interviews with Voice of America for broadcast to the Asian region, 2000-2001..
3. Three lectures on contemporary Indonesian matters given to a mixture of academic and public audiences at Athens, Ohio and in Montreal, Canada. 1999.

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