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A study of `Aisyiyah: An Indonesian women's organization (1917-1998)

A study of `Aisyiyah: An Indonesian women's organization (1917--1998)
by Ro'fah, M.A., McGill University (Canada), 2000 , 106 pages; AAT MQ70620

Abstract (Summary)

This thesis examines the social role of the Indonesian women's organization known as `Aisyiyah, the female wing of the reformist group the Muhammadiyah, founded in 1912. This is achieved by analyzing the development of the organization vis à vis other Muslim women's organizations. It looks at the activities of `Aisyiyah during the period extending from its birth in 1917 until the late New Order era of the 1990s, with close reference to other women's organizations.

A comparison of the activities of `Aisyiyah with those of other women's organizations, and an analysis of the response of this organization towards such issues as polygamy, is also an important feature of this work. While there was much common purpose, still, inevitable differences in perspective, even disharmony developed between `Aisyiyah and other women's groups. This was due in many respects to its determination to maintain its identity as a Muslim women's organization, while it at the same time faced certain limitations by virtue of its being a part of the Muhammadiyah. In general, however, `Aisyiyah is no different from other women's organizations in Indonesia, all of which have tried to represent women's interests and have struggled for their enhancement, while at the same time being faced with the challenges posed by a constantly changing political situation.

Indexing (document details)

Advisor:Alui, Sajida S.
School:McGill University (Canada)
School Location:Canada
Source:MAI 41/01, p. 61, Feb 2003
Source type:Dissertation
Subjects:Religious history, Womens studies, History
Publication Number: AAT MQ70620
Document URL:http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=766152651&sid=1&Fmt=2&clientId=48051&RQT=309&VName=PQD
ProQuest document ID:766152651

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