Monday, December 21, 2009

Perspective versus Practice: Women’s Leadership in Muhammadiyah

Kurniawati Hastuti Dewi
Perspective versus Practice: Women’s Leadership in Muhammadiyah
Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia - Volume 23, Number 2, October 2008, pp. 161-185


This study examines Muhammadiyah’s views on women’s leadership that play a significant role in determining whether the demand for women’s leadership in the movement, based on the case of the 45th Muhammadiyah Muktamar in July 2005, will be met. This paper presents the discrepancy between these perspectives and contemporary practices, and assesses the endorsements of the textual approach for understanding divine messages on women, the male hegemonic sentiment, and the rejection of the affirmative action rule for accommodating women in the Muhammadiyah central board. Findings suggest that the views of Muhammadiyah followers have shifted towards favouring women’s leadership, and are presently a crucial factor in improving the status of women.

Muhammadiyah, women’s leadership, religious perspectives, religious practices, gender issue

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