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Taking care of the faithful: Islamic organizations and partisan engagement in Indonesia

Taking care of the faithful: Islamic organizations and partisan engagement in Indonesia
by Jung, Eunsook, Ph.D., The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2009 , 266 pages; AAT 3400027

Abstract (Summary)

My dissertation examines variation in partisan engagement among three major Muslim organizations in Indonesia since the process of democratization began in 1998. The first two cases, Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah, were formed in the early 20 th century and have roughly 40 and 30 million members, respectively. The third, the Justice and Welfare Party (PKS), is a relative newcomer formed out of the Islamic student movement in 1998. While all three entities have the same broad combination of religious, social, and political goals and operate within the same external political environment, the particular relationships that they cultivate with political parties are different. NU, which established a political party in 1998 but decoupled from it in 2004, functions as a politicized organization; Muhammadiyah bypassed the opportunity to build a political party and functions as a civil society organization; and PKS emerged out of an Islamic social movement and demonstrates the overlap between movement and party. The variation can be explained by (a) the organizations' internal decision-making structures; and (b) the organizations' historical legacies in previous party building. Theoretically, my research sheds light on the importance of ideational factors in understanding religious institutions, which are established both to assert their religious principles and to protect the community of the faithful. Second, 1 highlight the importance of historical depth and institutional complexity in understanding interest formation and political behavior. Third, while scholars often treat civil society and political parties as functionally and spatially separate concepts, my research reveals how there can in practice be considerable overlap between them.


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Advisor:Hutchcroft, Paul D.
School:The University of Wisconsin - Madison
School Location:United States -- Wisconsin
Keyword(s):Islam, Political party, Muslim organizations, Civil society, Indonesia
Source:DAI-A 71/03, Sep 2010
Source type:Dissertation
Subjects:Religion, Political science
Publication Number: AAT 3400027
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ProQuest document ID:1982841091

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