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Pendidikan wanita dalam Muhammadiyah tahun 1912-1945

Judul :     Pendidikan wanita dalam Muhammadiyah tahun 1912-1945
Pengarang :     Sri Andri Astuti
Sumber :     Teori, analisis, pendidikan ilmu syariah : TAPIS
Penerbit :     Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri Jurai Siwo
Kode Panggil :     297.7705 Teo
Tahun Terbit Artikel:     2007
Volume :     7
No :     1
Halaman :     144-161
Kata Kunci :     Womens education; Womens role; Muslim women; Muhammadiyah
Sari :    
Abstrak :     The situation of woman education, at the time of Muhmmndiyah founded is very concerning. The woman handcuffed by society view and mores which still have the character of traditionally. But Mulzammadiyah as reformis movement in the field of social, education and religion is paying attention for woman education, differing from situation of society. Muhammadiyah very care to woman education. In the Muhammadiyah's view, the rights to t education is not only for man. They both of the same owning the right to get education, because both owning to same occupation, degree and prestige. TIre Muhammadiyah's caring to woman education because Muhammadiyah view the woman role is very important. Muhammadiyah also convince of that its strunggle won't immediately reach the target of which expected without existence of women role. As its implementation, Muhammadiyah teach woman and found the internaat, study club, Siswa Praja Wanita, 'Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal Kindergarten, 'Aisyiyah Mtzghribi School, Pawiyatan Muhammadiyah School, NIadrasah Mu'allimat Muhammadiyah dan various courses.

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