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E-commerce dalam hukum Islam: studi atas pandangan Muhammadiyah dan NU

Judul :     E-commerce dalam hukum Islam: studi atas pandangan Muhammadiyah dan NU
Pengarang :    
Sumber :     Penagama : jurnal penelitian dan pengembangan ilmu-ilmu agama
Penerbit :     Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga. Lembaga Penelitian
Kode Panggil :     297.05 Jur p
Tahun Terbit Artikel:     2008
Volume :     17
No :     3
Halaman :     571-585
Kata Kunci :     Islamic law; Electronic commerce; Muhammadiyah; Nahdlatul ulama
Sari :    
Abstrak :     This research identifies what Muhammadiyah & Nahdatul Ulama has to say about current use of e-commerce and what they can offer as guidance for its use in the future. Indonesia is the largest Muslim populous in the world, and Muhammadiyah & Nahdatul Ulama are the two of dominant Islamic organization in Indonesia that plays a pivotal role in interpreting the Shari'a - the divine law of Islam - a comprehensive ethic can be formulated specifying how commerce should be conducted, how business should be organized and governed and how financial reporting should be made including their Fatwa (legal opinion) in regards to the contemporary issue like e-commerce. Islam regulates and influences all other spheres of lift, so it also governs the conduct of business and commerce. Many Muslim are wondering whether this new form commerce acceptable from Islamic Law point of view. The research focuses on the product itself, the security and processing of the transaction right through to final payment and discusses them from perspective of Muslim scholars Muhammadiyah & Nahdatul Ulama. The research also touches on the conditions and criteria that must be met in order to make an e commerce transaction acceptable under Islamic law. Finally, these results of this research will offer Muslims especially in Indonesia a clear picture of e-commerce and make them aware of the conditions necessary to validate the transaction under Islam.

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