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Angkatan muda dalam dinamika muhamadiyah 1918-1967

Untung Cahyono and T. Ibrahim Alfian. 2006. "Angkatan muda dalam dinamika muhamadiyah 1918-1967." Humanika, 19 (3): 301-310.

This study discusses about the young &eneration in the dynamic Muhammadiyah Movement. Muhammadiyah was established by K.H.A.Dahlan in November 18, 1912 in Kauman, Yogyakarta. Muhammadiyah is an Islamic Movement based on the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. The 45d' Muhammadiyah Summit Meeting toward the first centry of Muhammadiyah was conducted July 3-8, 2005 in Malang East Java with theme: "Enlightement the Civilizaton". The 46th Muhammadiyah Summit Meeting (the first centry) will be conducted in Yogyakarta. The Role of Muhammadiyah for the development of Indonesian Nation and state effects most of people. While rendering the young generation as the target of em- powerment, at the same time Muhammadiyah also provide opportunities for self determination and maximal role on the young generation in the dynamic Muhammadiyah Movement from 1918-1967.

This study starts with the discussion around Hizbul Wathan (H.W .) and its activities since 1918 until March 12, 1967 when General Suharto was given chance to lead the State before the common election in the next year. In general, the study covers the young generation of Hizbul Wathan, Muhammadiyah Youth Movement, Muhammadiyah Studet Association, Muhammadiyah University Student Movement, Aisyiyah Youth Movement. The involvement of young generation in the national organization and social activities since 1918-1967 together with the Muhammadiyah Leadership both structurally or in its capacity as autonomous organization.

The scientific endeavor to explain some young generation activities in the past time in the dynamic Muhammadiyah Movement is done using the social science approach, especially structurally approach. This reach, there fore, uses many words such as function, structure, empowering, ideology, politics, leadership, organization, activities and so on to understand the phenomenon and complexities of the problem related with dynamic of young generation in Muhammadiyah.

Keywords: young generation, Mohammadyah movement, Hisbul Wathan, structurelly approach.

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