Friday, February 5, 2010

The Muhammadijah: A Study of an Orthodox Islamic Movement in Indonesia

The Muhammadijah is generally recognized as belonging to that trend among Indonesian Muslims which reflects traditional Islamic values developed in the Middle East, and hence the label "orthodox"' may be applied to the movement. This orthodoxy stresses the "Oneness of God" (tawhid), proper behavior (akhlaq) and proper performance of ritual obligations (fiqh) . Transcending these beliefs and behavior is a concern that such religious values are the paramount consideration in life to which all other values must be subservient. The Muslim individual is expected to subject himself to the teachings of God wherever he is and to perform faithfully those obligations. He is also obliged, because of loyalty to the community of believers (ummah) and because there are obligations that only the community can fulfill, to establish, whenever possible, community responsibility for fulfillment of religious obligations.

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