Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Tajdid Movement of Muhammadiyah in Aceh "Negotiating Identity Between Salafism and Modernism"

Niki Alma Febriana Fauzi


The Muhammadiyah movement aims to stimulate religious life according to Koran and Sunnah. Nevertheless, many Indonesians still believe that Muhammadiyah refuses to recognize local cultural heritage and traditions. This paper discusses two aspects of Muhammadiyah, namely Salafism and modernism, as elements of tajdid (renewal) that encourage modernity in Aceh. The spirit of tajdid in Muhamadiyah’s perspective has two meanings: (1) purification in akidah and ibadah (worship) in line with the practices of Prophet Muhammad SAW; and (2) tajdid means dynamizing people’s lives with a creative spirit that is suitable to the challenges and demands of modern era.


Muhammadiyah, Tajdid, Aceh, Religious Movement.


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