Monday, August 1, 2011

Ahmad Dahlan in the Eyes of Hendrik Kraemer

Kraemer, H. 1937. "A SURVEY OF THE NETHERLANDS INDIES". The Muslim World. 27 (1): 44-55.

The reform movement, although divided into many sections, is chiefly organized into the Muhammadiyya, as the association is called. It began in 1912 in Jogjakarta, one of the centres of the old Javanese life. The promoter was Haji Ahmad Dahlan, a man of noble and courageous character. He was very broad-minded and was led to start his movement mainly in answer to the challenge which the many-sided religious and philanthropic activity of Christian missions had aroused in his mind. He felt it to be his life task to demonstrate that Islam, too, could supply the same urge for uplift and disinterested service. This movement has continuously increased in strength and significance since 1912, founding schools, small hospitals and orphanages, and exhibiting great zeal in preaching, in publishing literature and in various kinds of social service. The movement has many branches spread over Java, Sumatra, Celebes and even some parts of Borneo. It includes a special department for youth and women. (pp. 53-4)

Note: The above mentioned quotation is a widely quoted statement or an avowed statement from a Dutch missionary on Ahmad Dahlan. This statement is paraphrased or translated or re-written in numerous biography of Ahmad Dahlan in Bahasa Indonesia.

Hendrik Kraemer (born on 17 May 1888 in Amsterdam, died 11 November 1965 in Driebergen) was a lay missiologist and prominent figure in the ecumenical movement from Dutch Reformed Church in the Netherlands. (Wikipedia contributors, "Hendrik Kraemer," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed September 1, 2011))

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