Sunday, June 26, 2011

Muhammadiyah Student Organization and Democratic Development in Indonesia

Johnson, Troy A. 2006. Islamic Student Organizations and Democratic Development in Indonesia: Three Case Studies. Thesis (M.A.) -- The Center of International Studies, Ohio University.

This thesis describes how and to what extent three Islamic student organizations --Muhammadiyah youth groups, Kesatuan Aksi Mahasiswa Muslim Indonesia (KAMMI), and remaja masjid-- are developing habits of democracy amongst Indonesia's Muslim youth. It traces Indonesia's history of student activism and the democratic movement of 1998 against the background of youth violence and Islamic radicalism. The paper describes how these organizations have developed democratic habits and values in Muslim youth and the programs that they carry out towards democratic socialization in a nation that still has little understanding of how democratic government works. The thesis uses a theoretical framework for evaluating democratic education developed by Freireian scholar Ira Shor. Finally, it argues that Islamic student organizations are making strides in their efforts to promote inclusive habits of democracy amongst Indonesia's youth.

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